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  • How do I arrange for Joker Squad to make an appearance at my event?
    Get in touch with us using the Contact Form or message us on Facebook.
  • I am getting married soon can I arrange for Stormtroopers to walk me down the aisle?
    Yes! For a charity donation we are happy for our costumed characters to make an appearance.
  • I have a car dealership, can some of your Star Wars characters come to my showroom for an event?"
    We're sorry, but we are unable to use our costumes to promote commercial enterprises.
  • How do I join Joker Squad?
    The best way is to attend one of our events and get to know us, talk to our members who will help explain how they put together their costumes and the application process to join our group. But don't hesitate to get in touch with more detailed questions about our costumes and how our group functions.
  • Are any of your costumes from the movies?
    No. They are carefully constructed replicas that have been created and assembled by our members to be as close to the those seen in the movies as possible.
  • Can I just buy a Star Wars costume from (insert name of website) and join your group?
    Not always. Our costumes are movie-accurate replicas so 'off-the-shelf' and 'costume party quality' costumes are not always appropriate. There are a few specialist sites out there that will make replica costumes that are ready to wear but be prepared to tailor, adjust and modify your costume so that it maintains the high standard of movie accuracy while also fitting you and looking great.
  • I'd like you to come to an event, but I don't want you bringing guns..."
    We understand. Our replica costumes naturally feature a large number of 'blasters' and other prop weapons. We also take safety and such concerns extremely seriously. We are always willing to work with event organisers in any way to ensure safety, security and if the situation requires it, to leave our prop weapons at home.
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